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NA - [TMK] The Marshmallow Kids (WvW)

BooncockDanBooncockDan Beloit, KSPosts: 2Member



Server: Anvil Rock

The Marshmallow Kids realize that in WvW, forts are meant to be held, CLAIMED by guilds, rather than zerged, captured, and then lost just 5 minutes later.

TMK will offer a payment system, paying its soldiers in gold or other forms of payment to help them hold our forts and afford the items they need.

Our ranks have been designed to promote those who show us that they are responsible, trustworthy, skilled, and mentally capable of being an excellent leader.

All members that join before we claim our first fort will be forever known as Founding Fathers of The Marshmallow Kids. Founding Fathers will get to choose permanent bonuses and promotions that they will receive as a reward for their honorable devotion to The Marshmallow Kids.

We are going to establish ourselves, claim a tower or keep, hold it, and form an alliance to unite the guilds of Anvil Rock so we can coordinate, organize, and keep a tactical advantage over the enemy.

Apply at and remember, "The Marshmallow Kids never run from a scrap!"



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