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When you play Planetside2, Please pay attention to your surroundings

BeanpuieBeanpuie Norfolk, VAPosts: 812Member Uncommon

Other wise, you , your friends , your outfit and more likely your faction will pay for it --- badly.


  • SinsaiSinsai Reno, NVPosts: 324Member Uncommon



    That is some of the funniest sh*t I've ever seen, that has to be the largest group of fail players I've ever seen LOL.


  • WoopinWoopin LeedsPosts: 1,007Member Uncommon
    Proof right there why NC require better weapons ;)


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,809Member Rare
    lmfao idiots!
  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,702Member Uncommon

    Talk about killing spree...It is as if they gave up trying to kill the guy and let themselves get massacred.

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