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A little curiosity

MizuganMizugan AnkaraPosts: 2Member

 Hi everybody ! I am having my masters degree on game technologies and I decided to make survey on the net about what people think about new game control concepts. Especially right now new moves like Wii U has made their way into the houses.
 The survey is really quite simple.Just 3 questions about your thoughts on the subject.
 Thanks are in advance ! :D


  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

    I like new controllers but I do NOT LIKE TOUCHSCREENS! I hate touch screens.  They have no decent feedback.  I like buttons.

    As for how much to pay for a game using those controllers?  Shouldnt you be asking how much we are willing to pay for those controllers?  Cuz I paid like...100+ for my razer hydra o.o

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  • MizuganMizugan AnkaraPosts: 2Member

     Thanks for your time mate! :D

       I just thought about games that uses these systems have more weight than the control system itself.Because it usaully is the game that makes system popular.

  • acciaioacciaio naplesPosts: 2Member

    I prefer controller with key,in general that of the xbox360.

    Do not like touch screen  controller 

  • franklin067franklin067 delhiPosts: 5Member
    I like the touch you should devolep the with touchscreen panel..
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