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Still possible to purchase/play the game in its current state?

StormakovStormakov Brooklin, ONPosts: 200Member Uncommon

I like the looks of ARR and I think finally after years the company got its shit together, but I kind of want to have a before and after experience to see just how drastic the changes actually are so I'm interested in buying/playing the game - but going through any official websites I can't find any digital purchases available.

Anyone have any recomendations?


  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,652Member Epic

    I don't think they are doing digital purchases until the "new" version comes out.

    This is always an option:



    hmmm, apparently, according to the website, they have shut off the ability to make new accounts until the new version launches.

  • ValarienceValarience New York, NYPosts: 25Member Uncommon
    ^ What Sovrath said. The game is in lockdown for new accounts / subs as of this past weekend, since it'll be shutting down in preparation for the relaunch come November 11th.
  • StormakovStormakov Brooklin, ONPosts: 200Member Uncommon
    Ahhh ok, thanks for the replies.
  • PresbytierPresbytier Phoenix, AZPosts: 424Member Uncommon
    Trust me you really do not want to play the game as is. You will like it much better after it relaunches.

    "Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game."-Guybrush Threepwood
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  • ShubawkssShubawkss Canton, GAPosts: 55Member

    The current state of the game isn't the best, and a lot of things are getting changed around once TRR comes out, I'd suggest you wait it out, they'll be starting a beta phase period hopefully near the end of this year as we aproach the (supposed) January release date.


  • cukimungacukimunga Dacono, COPosts: 2,259Member
    So you can't re sub until it launches next month?  I was just going to re sub just to see how the game was going and I didn't know they were so close to launching 2.0.    IDK I haven't found any options to resub in the account manager but when I log in it  gives me the option to click play but it crashes the client.   Oh well If it does launch next month it will be worth the wait. 
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