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Knights Of Camelot Recruiting(Bronzebeard)

insideout321insideout321 frankfurt, MSPosts: 71Member

Hey all just wanted to see if anyone that's returning or starting over fresh like myself was looking for a mature ran guild.

We have vent , were level 9 and only have about 5 active members right now. I joined the guild yesterday and it seems to be pretty casual . Its ran by a married couple in there 30's , were looking for more to fill up 5 and 10 man groups later .

I just returned to wow after leaving rift since i only got one character in wow to level 82 and so far im enjoying it maybe because i didnt play it year after year.

They plan on being casual but with casual raiding later after some of us level up and get geared. They have contest's and help with bags, gear ect. Seems like a good guild we just need some more members. Really need dps, healz.

They dont plan on getting huge so that everyone knows everyone and nobody is left out or a number .

If a medium sized guild that runs dungeons, raids in a casual way , mature and fun sounds good to you were on bronzebeard server.They have lower level monks there leveling and we have been grouping up doing quests and will run dungeons when we get there. Come join us if this souds like a guild you may like .

Thanks for reading!

get a hold of arabellah , fryday, exovius, yargsnar  in game for a invite .

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