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DISHONORED -- best game you didnt know about


  • StonesDKStonesDK SomewherePosts: 1,805Member

    Did you play it?


    If not then lets wait with the rave shall we.

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common

    Didn't know about? it's been plastered on almost every site.


    From what I've read, it'll be good, but dumbed down. The devs had to put in a ton of hints because the 360 players couldn't figure out what to do if it was open ended.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Lol as if people don't know about dishonoured
  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Best future game people might not know about - starbound
  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon
    only people who dont know about this live in a cave..
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