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Will this power supply be able to run dual ati 7950 3gb?

dg29031994dg29031994 Cypress, TXPosts: 134Member Uncommon

Hi guys, here is my current system. (i bought this system about 3 weeks ago, so everything still new)

I5 3570k 
16 gb g skill 2133 
Asrock extreme 4 mobo 
120gb ssd 
1tb hard drive 
and this psu: 

I am having 1 graphic card from amd, Ati hd 7950 3gb. I'm thinking of buying another one to make a crossfire ati hd 7950 3gb. With all of my current hardware, will my power supply has enought power left to run another ati 7950? 



  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,836Member Uncommon
    I would get the largest PS you can afford - I would get a 1000 watt PS minimum for crossfire.


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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,391Member Epic
    It should be fine, but don't increase the PowerTune caps on the video cards, and don't plan on giving the processor an unreasonably large overclock.
  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,551Member Rare

    I agree - 750W of quality power is more than enough to run dual 7950's (and probably even with mild overclocks), just don't plan on extreme overclocking anything.

  • dg29031994dg29031994 Cypress, TXPosts: 134Member Uncommon
    oh no no, im not planning to oc anything. i might oc the CPu to 4.0 and thats it.
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