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The Storm Front Show Episode 1 (P2P 4 Free COH'S Demise and more

SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon

The show is meant to just let you know new events in mmorpg and normal pc games. Nothing too serious just light hearted. And yes the P2P thing does how well is all up to your time available. Have fun with it don't take it too serious its just meant to be a fun news show.

Episode 1 
The fall of City of heroes and Black Prophecy
Blizzard's New WOW Expansion for or against?
PlanetSide 2 comes out blazing
Guild Wars 2
Rusty Heart, Grand Chase, Elsword, Dragon Nest, goes update on us
Can you play P2P for free? And pay the monthly fees free yes you can watch how
Defiance good idea or Final Fantasy 14 all over again?

Storm Front Show

I was told I placed this post in the wrong place before. Because it first a broad range of catergories. This last weeks show the next show will be online this friday. Promises to be as informative as the last.

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