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Moving regions from US to Europe

kitaradkitarad RomePosts: 3,111Member Rare

Ayoh ! I forgot to check if the transfer is still free but of late I am encountering horrendous internet lag and I am unable to play as the combat lags and the mobs kill me.


I live in Rome and play on the US server Crystal Desert I think it is called. Anyway can I transfer to a server in Europe and if I can which server has mainly English speakers and is quite a good server  if anyone can recommend me one. I live in Rome but I have horrid Italian and can barely read it yes ,yes my mother in law has already berated my lack so don't you start too.


  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member

    Yes you can still transfer for free I believe. 

    Also from US to Europe.  It does not matter trasnfer wise if oyu doing it from US to US, EU to EU or US to EU.


    As for server it depends. Piken Square is english speaking but it does not have high pop and is unofficial RP server. 

    On Vabbi there are lot of Russians to avoid it if you want to have mainly english speaking.

    Think Far Shiverpeaks was also mainly english speaking, but that was shortl after relase - no idea how it is now after few weeks of free transfers.

  • elvenwolfelvenwolf Posts: 146Member Uncommon

    I am a roleplayer and i play on  Piken Square, is the unofficial RP server, so far i have encountered mostly english speakers and the only non english i have seen on main chat was for some specific guild that called for a specific language.

    If you can suffer roleplayers , is a good server,  not always on top for WvWvW but some people are very dedicated PvPers.


    This is from another thread on another forum but should be helpful, mind might not be accurate at this time it was a post dated a little bit before launch, and for what i know Ring of Fire is now riddled with a lot of italians :





    Aurora Glade
    A very nice multinational server, that initially was selected as an unofficial Czech server, but later most of the Czech guilds moved out to different servers. Was one of medium servers in terms of guilds, but that attracted a likeminded people and now it has a lot of guilds, and among others a strong russian alliance of the guilds RED,Wanderers Corp, Amenity, Golden Horde that was previously on Riverside[DE]. The release server situation will be different of that of BWE, because of all the guilds transfering there - and i expect this server to be one of the strong ones in WvW. Additional bonus of the server - South African community.

    Baruch Bay [ES]
    Spanish Armada, nuff said.

    Unofficial "Russian" server, where infact, theres only few russian guilds (Chaos, but its a huge one) - the rest is Polish. Will have lots of unguilded random russian players there come release, as its a server choosen by russian GoHa community and we`ll see the great confrontation as to - whether it will turn to be unofficial Polish or official Russian server. Either way - if you expect english chat, not your place.

    Naruto of Guild Wars 2. Place where all the 12 yo kids, emo teenagers, and bandwaggoners all gather in one place (probably so it would be more easy to nuke them all at once), without realizing the place cant actually even hold that ammount of guilds - attracted by "cool" server name and pvp reputation (read, zerg). The decent PvP and english speaking guilds left to Gunnars Hold, so at the moment Desolation is something akin to if you tool all population of China and put it into Palestine.

    Far Shiverpeaks
    One of the most decent places in GW2. Formed around national communities of nordic countries, featuring one of the first and successfull WvW alliances - TNA its one of the most perspective servers in GW2.

    Was. Being full since BWE1 and attracting too big population for its own good its second after desolation in number of people and guilds, and crushing under its own weight. Having 76 guilds, 4 WvW alliances (5 since the Russian alliance that joined them in BWE3 is unlisted at GW2Guilds) - the great server it was, became deluded by all the bandwagoners joined it, and too many guilds having no relation whatsoever to nordic community. TNA itself considers if they should run from it on less populated server, and everyone is worried if even more people will transfer in - especially from unwelcomed national communities like Italian or Russian.

    Fissure of Woe
    Unofficial Italian server. Except, it seems, the thing Italians hate most are the other italians, so the concept does not seem to work out that way. Still having minor italian guilds and community presence, marority spread between other servers, and probably the biggest Italian community atm is at Whiteside Ridge. The reputation of the "italian" server for Fissure of woe remained though, thus - lacking actual Italian presence there, its one of the weaker servers now, unless on release it will be filled with thousands of random italian players.

    Guild Wars 2 Guru unofficial server, and unofficial english server. Official PvE carebears server. No other server is less active in WvW and PvP and more casual, all while having high population than Gandara. English speaking community and success in WvW thanks to FUBAR alliance, attracted a lot of people and lots are still comming - swiftly making it from one of the medium servers to one of the overpopulated, 3rd in population after Desolation and Far Shieverpeaks. FUBAR left, carebears stayed - probably the best server if you just want relaxed pve with good english speaking community.

    Gunnar's Hold
    When all good PvP guilds decided to leave the Naruto kids on Desolation, they initially went to Boreal Station, but as Boreal station was removed - their new home became Gunnars Hold. Initially <INT> alliance was planning to form a nationalistic official British Empire and Colonies server (and had success with it at Boreal Station), but transfer to gunnars Hold had them paired with Polish and Russian guilds, that they will now have to coexists with. One of the favorites in WvW race, despite huge amount of casual guilds participating in "alliance", a place where everyone who likes 5 oclock tea and british accent should be feeling himself at home.

    Piken Square
    A unofficial Roleplaying server. So far fulfil its role successfully and hopefully no guilds/alliance will ruin their fun by transfering there. Apparently Roleplayers like WvW too and tried to organize, but with little success as were dead last in WvW, beating only empty Seafarers Rest.

    Ring of Fire
    A server which a russian alliance that transfered to Far Shieverpeaks marked as "perspective" in WvW, deciding instead to join the existing alliance and overcrowded server. Despite that - after BWE3 some bigger guilds named it as its home, and after second try - a promising WvW alliance starts to form there. It remains to be seen how successful that server will be, but its about the opposite of Gunnars Hold - there are only 2 english speaking guilds, and wide selection of nationalities on the server.

    Ruins of Surmia
    aka Graveyard - was an unofficial Spanish server, but became half empty thanks to announcement of OFFICIAL Spanish server and most of the spanish guilds going there. Still, same as with Fissure of Woe, its marked as spanish so little other nationality guilds go there, and population dropped drastically so its relatively spacious atm.

    Seafarers Rest
    Was a US server that for some reason was turned EU and thus was basically empty in BWE3. FUBAR alliance decided to transfer there, and thus turned a good place in a total mess. 4chan, arrogant trolls, "leet" pvpers - all that stuff. Awoid like a plague.

    Unofficial Portugese server, except, as it often happens with "unofficial" server, theres not so many portugese guilds there since they all spread around other servers. One of the Underdog servers so far, also not the lowest rank. Greek alliance (though they are less than 300) picked it after BWE3.

    Unofficial "russian" server, once again. Initially was home of GW1 veterans, guilds like DVDF and MARA, but thanks to influx of russian guilds most of the old players from the server left - and now it is more "russian" server than Blacktide. They desperately try to form an internation alliance and attrackt non-russian guilds, but most are scared just seeing number of russian flags in server list.

    Whiteside Ridge
    Reddit/italian server. Always had potential to be one of the stronger servers in GW2, and always lacked something for that. I believe it will remain like that after release also.



  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member
    delete psot pls
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