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Allow us to create a custom list with ONLY mmorpgs that are client based PLEASE

redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

Theres a quick and easy way to find browser games...but no quick and easy way to sort out the MOBA games the RTS game the FPS games...theres no way for me to easily keep track of new client based mmoRPGs as the clutter on this site drowns them out and im constantly forced to click on the game only to find out its not a RPG, its not MMO, or its a browser game...none of which are why i come to this site.

Why is it so easy for people who are seeking out stuff like browser based games but yet so hard for those of us who still come to the site for its origional purpose, and its URL title?

Can we spend 1 weekend or however long it takes, and just go through each and every game and add a tag that will allow me to see only client based mmoRPG?  I cant belive i even have to suggest this on this specific site.


  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

    Oh also.

    Perhaps rank the games based on forum activity.  Will make it easier to find games with actual hype and interest.

    The hype rating system keeps games with hype back in 2005 up top in 2012 when they have no hype and their subforums are ghost towns...when games that are actually active on this site are buried amongst the spam of non-hype rated games...which appears to be around 75% of the listed games here.


    i mean FFS...i would take the 2hrs to actually click on every game on your list, provide you with a sorting category (client based mmorpg, MOBA, RTS, MMO but not RPG, Browser game ect) and also a list of inactive or dead games...ill even hop on their official site and check their forums for activity.  Will email you the data in any form you request.  Free of least something to clean up this mess that the site is currently.

    I really would do this...but i fear i would do it and nothing would happen.



  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Bree, MIPosts: 713Member

    -I do not know what to add.

    /signed I guess.... It really is quite hard to navigate the 8 million games on the list (many of which are dead)

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