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Semper Dius (WvW) Gandara

SemperDiusSemperDius LondonPosts: 7Member


  • SemperDiusSemperDius LondonPosts: 7Member

    Some WvW footage of yesterday's guild event.



  • SemperDiusSemperDius LondonPosts: 7Member
    Gandara is a server with very talented players and many Guilds. One of the problems is that a lot of those Guilds are rather small or can't field reasonably sized groups often in WvW. As we all know the course of battles can change if a Guild can field 20 or more players in a Borderlands. There are quite a few Guilds capable of doing that on Gandara and we like to believe that we are one of those.

    Semper Dius currently organizes 3 WvW events per week in which we field around 20 members. These always start between 6:30 PM and 7 PM BST. To help us organize during those events we have 2 Commanders (one for a few weeks already, the other recently) and a Ventrilo server. Our aim is to have more than 3 dedicated WvW events per week, to make an even bigger impact on how our server fares in the different WvW match-ups. Of course we play WvW every day, outside of events we just have smaller squads running around.

    To increase the frequently of our events we are recruiting more members with a focus on WvW. Organization is key when you want to beat servers that have a higher rank then you. So more Guild WvW events are very important, as said before we want to add more value to that.

    We aren't, and we'll never be, a zerg Guild. We prefer quality over quantity and that is why we stick with the recruitment proces we've been using for several years. Applying on a forum might seem a hassle at first but you know that you'll come in an experienced Guild and you'll know that everyone will welcome you with open arms if you get accepted.

    We have people recording our events, active discussions on our forums, different events, a lot of fun on Ventrilo and a wide range of ages. So in short: a place with room for everyone that we feel will fit in!

    Not convinced? Join us in WvW and experience Semper Dius from the first row. Contacts ingame are: Haldir Quindiniar, Ashling and Darkos.
    Convinced? http://www.semperdiu...m/forums/601266
  • SemperDiusSemperDius LondonPosts: 7Member

    Here is another of our guild WvW videos.


  • SemperDiusSemperDius LondonPosts: 7Member

    We take our WvW seriously, but even "soldiers" deserve to chill out every now and then. :D

    Like making Golem Donuts, after having nothing else in the map to conquer with them.


    Even farming jumping puzzles for blueprints can be less tedious, when done in pink.

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