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ArchLord: The Dark Revelation Announced

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Webzen has announced that ArchLord will be expanding soon. Called "The Dark Revelation", the expansion will bring a major new feature on board in the form of the Shrine system. Shrine battles require cooperative teamwork to defeat other groups of players. Winners will earn Shrine Coins for successful wins.

Additionally, skill rebalance of all Races will be applied based on players’ feedback and will also be updated constantly. Other updates such as extended skill slot, quest tutorial system, and item comparison features are expected to provoke excitement of the players.

Find out more about The Dark Revelation on the ArchLord site.



  • titanofdoomtitanofdoom EnglandPosts: 128Member Uncommon
    The grindiest game of all time offical!!

    Self improvement is masturbation - and I love it!

  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    I am amazed this game is still going tbh... and making profit even if it's getting an expack.



  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon
    This must be the ultimate zombie-mmo, no matter how many times it dies, it always comes back...
  • DrigusDrigus Syracuse, NYPosts: 50Member Common
    Originally posted by kishe
    This must be the ultimate zombie-mmo, no matter how many times it dies, it always comes back...

    It never died?

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,161Member Rare
    Funny, someone can cancel City of Heros and they take the time to update this game?  This game was one of the worst when it was released 7 years ago, can't imagine how badly it compares to the new f2p games.
  • killaboy01killaboy01 PascaniPosts: 2Member

    This was actually my first MMO that I ever played, and 7 years ago i saw it as the best. After 3 years of constant play, i finally got bored and tried other games. I must say... this is the most ugly and bugged game i ever played in my life, and i played alot of mmos along the way!

    7 years and it still is 90% bugged and since Webzen took over its a p2w game. Shame on them!

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by titanofdoom
    The grindiest game of all time offical!!

    Agree fully on this. 

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