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Idea's On the MMO i want made

drazenidrazeni melbourneMember Posts: 8

To who ever reads this i am drunk and there will be spelling and grammer errors im not sorry at all but at least im honnest about it :) 

PART1 (skip to part 2 for my MMO idear's)

now thats out of the way I am sick of the total garbage that is been spewed out by game developers these days its as if they couldent make a decent game to save them self's.

im sure there is more tho making an MMO then i could understand, but so much money is wasted every year trying to bring out the next wow or Trying to bring out The Next big thing, so much so that there missing the point, they have gotten so caught up in trying to make a Game that prints money they forget what people want and in doing so they MISS THE FUCKING POINT!!

(sorry i have bein ranting on and on to my friends all week well playing guild wars2 and Swotor and that sentence is one of the most frequintly Said.)

now im no one special im just the consumer and i know what i like and i know what my friends like in there games, my mmo carrer dates back to 2003 and my 1st ever Massivly multyplayer online game SWG (Star Wars Galaxies: Empire Divided)

one of the best games i have ever played I loved the crafting system i loved the PVP and i never got bord there was always something to do i could spend hour and days playing that game i was but a wee lad back then my guild would meet up every sunday at the local net cafe for a day of shinanigans. next was Final fantasy online and then wow EVE and a whole mess of other games. i mention these 3 because they are by far the only ones worth mentioning and they inspire my Idear for a game that i would love to make or even to be made.

Now  prity much every MMO these days is pumped out and not a Fuck is given about quality this is the downfall of many mmo's 1st impresions are So importent to a game look at Final Fantasy XIV online  i dont even like calling it final fantasy because it was more FINAL NIGHTMARE. the game was horrible not even playable not only that but even setting up an account was a nightmare. if that game ever recovers i would be amaized.

im getting a bit off track...

anyway there are things every mmo that comes out seems to miss out on the point they focus on Something new and amazeing but the rest of the game is a peace of shit. Swotor and mmo that was more like a 1 player game had good story but by about level 30 you get sick and hammer your space bar to skip all the shit dialoge and spam the quickest answer because no matter what you hit your charicter dosent say what the litle tab said it would say.

the combat was fairly restrictive and the profesions dident seem usefull at all, also prity much reb's were exacly the same as imp's just difrent skins and effect and name change, it just felt like i was watching a movie that was uncut so i had to watch all the boring shit too.

dident like guildwars 1 at all guild wars 2 how ever almost had it but it feels like a spam fest and theres no structure to it i like that you can hings dodge stuff and kite but most of the weapon skils to me are lame as and why the fuck is there no CC tanks cant taunt WTF? i am still only level 45 so i could be wrong but from the dungeons i have done its worse then a joke.

i like the jumping point and i like the crafting system combats almost there classes are unbalenced as fuck i chased a mesmer around for 10 min solo and never got him past 90% hp then you got WVWVW where usaly you have either 2v1 or you have some scumbag server put spys on yours and thay usaly play in your off peek and make it imposible to win.

 why do they feel the need to restrict gamers in games why cant they make something with the good parts of every other game put into one.

here is what i want in my MMO i hope some/all of you agree this would make for one hell of an MMO.


0. SCI-FI 

Not nearly enough Scifi mmo's im over fantasy.

1. Movement system
FPS type movement system like wow i want to be able to snap 360 instantly and run back the other way and jump around like its CS.

2. class's
that still have roles Healer, tank, DPS, CC, support, range
this dosent mean limit it so only healers heal i like the idear of been able to heal your self but at the same time i dont want to feel like i need to always heal my self.

i personaly want this game to have a system like SWG pre cu for classes i want people to be able to make there own mix of what they want out of each class like a talent tree but of classes.

3. Leveling system

a fun leveling system thats not too drawn out with grinding ( i like this part of guildwars it dosent feel like a grind fest But there also needs to be something to look forward to i want to feel like i have achieved something leveling up i looked forward to things Getting awsome spells Unlocking awsome Dual class stuff and wicked spells.
(Final fantasy XI that game Made me want to Level up and get to end game just for all the awsomeness To bad you couldent solo)

4. Awsome Endgame,

FFXI and wow had this till BC, WOTLK brought it back then they lost it again with Cata. I do not want to grind for rep i do not want to have to que up with pugs to hit some stupid Item level just because there is no other choice, i want EPIC to mean EPIC not have every item be epic at end game and have 10000 players running around with legenderys like its nothing, also i dont want to feel like i can just run thru an instance with no effort just because im 20 levels higher then all the mobs. ( another thing guild wars got right) i want Epic 40 man raids i want guilds that actualy know there memebers and actualy work towards something i want to know every player in my guild and work towards commen goals. i dont want a guild where any one can join just because they wana level up the guild quicker.

(eve online adds something to Long term playability But has a Insain learning curve. I think that the learning system could be addapted to my MMO in a way where you dont need any of the skills to play but they could be used for Corp/guild skills and Guild Mothership skills but nothing that impacts sort term playability.) 

5. Crafting
I want a system like EVE I want almost everything in the game to be made by players. i want people to need crafter not like in wow. in eve if you blow up a ship you need to by a new one in SWG (precu) your weapon/ armor breaks you buy a new one or you try repair it and have a small chance of fixing it with slightly reduced stats.

this means that there isnt useless items grey vendor armor shit that no one ever uses or needs in the game. how ever Large raid boss's and certin rear items do drop Like in EVE Faction items such as Special Crafting mat's/items/ships/Skill mods these items are considerd to be epic and cost a lot to buy.

i do like GW2's crafting system in particuler the invention system. i would like to see a more advanced version of that in my mmo.

FFXI had a crazy crafting system too im prity sure everything could be made by players also with exeption to a few items Day weather Moon location and time of year all effected crafting.

7.Combat system
guild wars was close but missed the point. i want people to worry about dieing to think with there head i want hack and slash with swords but say you could swap stances for ablitys and you could have magic or tec abilitys to embue your weapon blink abilitys but not Weapon abilitys you should be able to Block/deflect attacks with the use of timing so your not just spamming abilitys off they actualy need to time them to land yes i know this could be hard with lag but at least come to a middle ground. i want Tank, airships and all sorts of stuff on the battle field, i dont want a fuck fest of AOE. there is more stuff i cant remember about this area.

this is what i thorght Warhammer 40k dark mullenium would have unfortunetly that will nolonger be an MMO due to cutbacks. 

8. Space battles/WvW.
i want to have a scale of Ships with difrent classes Fighters, Boarding ships, Bombers, Assult ships, ECM/electronic warfair ships and mother ships. To be able to board other ships Take out there engins,shields Weapon systems, have it so Fighters and bombers can attack there external weapon systems and there targeting sensors.
on WvW have it so that you can sneek into enemy bases and comit sabotage.

(i imagin Crazy 40k space battles in my game)

9. PVE. 
have it so that you want to slow something down shoot it in the knee Hit it in the legs or use magic to slow it down have a Broad Range of mechanics i dont care for you shoot your arrow thru fire it dose fire damage an arrow wouldnt catch on fire that quickly. and its Complex to code i want it so that they have HP but you can hit difrent spots to get Better crt chance like if you shoot them in the eyes, mouth and such or if they drop there gard you do more damage, also have proper dungeon mechanics like traps that can trigger explosions, alarms and trap doors that make you think about where your walking, have its so you can either run around kill everything or be smart and sneek past mobs and you get EXP and Rewards for finnishing Instances difrent way's Say you sneek past all the mobs you take short cuts it triggers diffrent fight mechanics for boss's you get better drops for taking the harder way thru.

10. Age restrictions.
fuck you all i hate playing with kids i want a 18+ game.

11. Player Bounty system
i want people to be able to place bountys on all players with bad rep say people who scam and rip others off or players who Gank noobs or people who steal loot. this can also be a personal choice for players who want to test there metal in PVP. have it so that only interviduals can accept a bounty and no one else you can gain points in either direction players who punnish the bad and you could make it so pirates have 

12, War 

i want Guild/chapter/corp War's you can declare war on other guilds for world PVP i dont care about carebears go play on a pve server. i want it so you can fight for money teritory/land ships and most of all the lol's

13. Guilds

now i like the idear of a guild leveling system but it gets out of hand with some games and you dont get to know any one this is why i like EVE spy's and sabotage are key here You need to be able to trust your guild with your Life/items sure you can limmet peoples accsess but at the end of the day your in a battle spy's can tern around at any time and attack you and win key battles for there true allys.

also Guilds will have there own guild halls Depending on size of guild once you reach higher ammount of members you can take land and bases/citys for large battles. also inside the Guild hall's are player houseing for storing items and decorateing your room. like SWG 

also Guild Questing and Guild Story line. Guilds can also make Chapters (divisions) with in them for difrent area's of the guild such as black ops and  what not.

14. Vehicles and mounts. 

now id like to see Bikes, Hover cars tanks and  Beast mounts aswell as Mobile fortress's for Guild warfair Flying ships for squad deployment would also be cool.


16. phaseing 

i loved how wow did phaseing  i would like to see phased area's when battles take place i wana see dammage and the effects of battle and when i do a quest i want to feel like i have changed something in the game, also i hate loading times between zones.

17. MUSIC 

now im sure most of you wont remember this but the matrix online had 1 awsome feature Built in radio. i want a Gamer Comunity Radio station (EVE RADIO, COH radio) and good ingame music. Eve and WOW have this there are so many Mmo's with horrible music and anoying sounds.

18, Achivements

never got this never much cared for it unless i got something out of it maby have PVP achivements and PVE raid achivements just for titles 

19. scaming and fraud  

Is A OKAY on PVP servers (cause carebears will cry) scamming on pve servers will result in imidiate transfer to a PVP server and player Bounty placed on you aswell as a time/permanent ban from said PVE server.

20. Buying In Game Currency 

lets be honnest most games have no controll over the sale of ingame currency. D3 had a good idear you wana sell gold you have to Give us a % if you are caught selling out side the Set exchange you are Bannd if you are caught buying out side the set exchange you have double the ammount you bought removed from your wallet as punnishment even if it puts you in the negitive. (thanks CCP great idea)

20. buy Game time with game money

the plex system in EVE online is Great the idea of been able to play for free if you are self sufficent is great. (thanks CCP)

so those are my idears for My awsome MMO that I wish some one would pay me to make but probably wont happen.

also i wouldent mind a SWG pre CU jedi class in my game thats So rear and so hard to get that Seeing one will make you Shit bricks in terror. but also suffer from perma death. maby Guild Champions as a class with there own specilised abilitys.

so that is my rant let me know what you think I am open to idears and suggestions. 

all in all yes most of these idears are not original but combined they would make a freaking awsome game.


  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOMember Posts: 2,732 Uncommon
    A talkative drunk, that one.

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

  • drazenidrazeni melbourneMember Posts: 8
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern
    A talkative drunk, that one.

    skip to the Points for the game if you really dont like them tell me why. 

  • worldalphaworldalpha Milton, ONMember Posts: 403
    Any chance of getting a tl;dr version?

    Working on Social Strategy MMORTS (now Launched!)

  • lostscout5lostscout5 patchogue, NYMember Posts: 57
    You may be drunk, but you make some good points. Of course I'm drunk too., so that may explain it.
  • RidrithRidrith Mountain View, ARMember Posts: 417 Uncommon
    I voted no because most of those points have been done in MMOs.  Also because companies don't hire idea guys, they hire people with actual talent and skills to create a game.  Programming knowledge, community managing skills, team work...  You know, the kind of stuff that matters.  Everybody has ideas.  Very few people actually have the skill or know how to make those ideas into something more.

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  • ArChWindArChWind Some Place, WIMember Posts: 1,224 Uncommon

    I voted no.




    Building it will take either a lot of time or a lot of money and sometimes both. You will give up once you see the 20,000+ man hours required.


    You'll never get it off the ground unless you can break it into a lot of little steps. The devil is in the details especially complex systems like MMORPSs. Lots and lots of details you never knew about.



    Do it as a hobby until you have a working model then maybe come back.




  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAMember Posts: 861 Common
    Originally posted by Ridrith

    I voted no because most of those points have been done in MMOs.  Also because companies don't hire idea guys, they hire people with actual talent and skills to create a game.  Programming knowledge, community managing skills, team work...  You know, the kind of stuff that matters.  Everybody has ideas.  Very few people actually have the skill or know how to make those ideas into something more.


  • strawhat0981strawhat0981 Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 996 Uncommon
    I voted yes once i read sci-fi

    Originally posted by laokoko
    "if you want to be a game designer, you should sell your house and fund your game. Since if you won't even fund your own game, no one will".

  • GaendricGaendric Member Posts: 571 Uncommon

    I voted no because listing random ideas (doesn't matter if they are good or not, in this case most of them are just taken from other games) is not game design.

    Sit down with the ideas, think them through, put them in a shared context, design the basics of your game. Then post the revised edition while not drunk :)

    You'll get more "yes" answers that way.


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