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Now they cant reset the server after the campaign ends

Seriously guys, just hang it up.


  • horseshackhorseshack Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 4
    Well they lost KFS1 to Blizard so maybe that explains it. 
  • N1ckMN1ckM MaldonMember Posts: 8

    The server was still up and the slight delay gave us the oportunity to have some pretty damn good land, sea and air battles over and on the English channel!


    The new campaign is now underway, log in and have fun!

  • WhackoWhacko Denver, COMember Posts: 135 Uncommon

    The game has for a very long time been in decline.

    However it's really not that big of deal for the reset. The bigger deal is the way the rats still insist that the game is better than ever.  It's time to just pull the plug already.

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