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Should I move to Telon?

gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon


Went back to VG, and, while it is true that there are more players now, the EU server is still quite empty. On top of that, my main character has got most of the lvl 55 stuff sorted, and is just missing a few things. This leaves me waiting for a long while until the new players get to 55 and start working on what I was working.

I don't mind mentoring and doing lower level stuff with the guildies for plain fun, craffting them stuff or helping out here and there, but I also don't like the idea of waiting for months until maybe we have enough lvl 55s online with decent gear and flying mounts to start working on my own progress.

I am considering maybe moving to the US server. However, if I do I will be missing tons of rare crafting materials I have stored in my house and the house itself, which is probably on the best spot on the whole server, right next to a crafting area and very close to APW and KDQ.

So, the question is. Should I stay on Halgar and just keep helping the mates to get to 55 and be ready for the lvl 55 challenges? Are there enough EU guilds in Telon who are working on the endgame content (AKA BoD, KDQ, Virak and PotA)? Is it worth the transfer?

Thanks for your answers.


PD: If there is any EU guild recruiting in Telon, my main is a peace cleric, blacksmith, 55-53-50 fully raid geared, pretty much any recipe you may think of, all the lvl 55 skills completed. So I would be looking for an end-game oriented guild.


  • gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    I am going to bump this just once, hoping I get an answer. Please do not get too upset, I ll just do this single time.

    I know I can go to the official forums, but I was hoping to get a less biased opinion here.

    So, any answer, please? :)


  • StewbidooStewbidoo LausannePosts: 1Member


    There are several active European guilds on Telon :

    Cobra (Hardcore raiding / end game progression)

    Lux Arcana (Casual Raiding / End Game Progression)

    The cult of the Angry Goblin (Casual Raiding / End Game Progression)

    and many other. You should check this post on the official board





  • KandriaKandria 1Posts: 2Member

    Heya gordiflu,

    first of all: yes, switching to Telon does make sense as Halgar in its current state won't offer you any endgame at all due to lack of high level players. Pretty much all 55s switched to Telon with their guilds. Afaik, there is not a single raiding guild left on Halgar either and this probably won't change anytime soon.

    Guildwise, Cobra is indeed looking for new recruits! Based on the info you posted, you will definitely be welcome as no guild would refuse a motivated 55 interested in raids and progression!

    As it has been said already, Cobra is an EU based high end guild. The guild is actually a merge of Halgar guilds. So you will probably see some familiar faces there :) Playtimes are EU based.


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