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The tiny bang story anyone?

MightyBeeMightyBee HertfortPosts: 43Member

Helloh guys! Maybe someone can help me with this question?

I've downloaded "The tiny bang story" demo (it's some kind of click and point, I guess. very very cute!) and I actually liked it very much. I even bought a paysafecard in order to buy it on Steam but then a friend of mine told me the game was too short. He said the demo was already the half of the game. Is it true? Has anyone (or anyone's girlfriend/kid) tried this game? This friend of mine has rather a big mouth sometimes.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed what I've seen so I wouldn't mind buying it. But I just want to know what I'm buying.


  • ingeneralingeneral london, AKPosts: 2Member


    Well the demo is in my opinion is good and you get a good idea of what the game look like (like every good made demo). But the game is much more than what you can play at the free version. There are four more Chapters and it only gets better. I thing you will not regret if you buy it. At least I didn't!

  • PsychowPsychow SF Giants Territory, CAPosts: 1,784Member

    I own it and beat the game. Steam shows me has having 5 hours played.


    I enjoyed it. I paid $3.40 for it during a summer sale. 

  • MightyBeeMightyBee HertfortPosts: 43Member

    Thank you guys!

    I bought it for... how much was that... $8 or something like that. And I also spent about 5 hours playing. It was very cute and lovely. I had a wonderful evening with this game. Now I play Deponia from the same company (I think).

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