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The Killtacular PlanetSide 2 Video Collection

jiveturkey12jiveturkey12 You havent heard of it, FLPosts: 1,262Member Common

Welcome to the Killtacular PlanetSide 2 Video Collection!

As soon as this game was announced I knew there would be some epic battles in this game, along with some amazing kills, and killstreaks. I also knew people would be immedietely uploading these kills to youtube.

While watching a sick vid online of a lone fighter dude on a bridge, jetpacking his way over enemy fire, and wiping out an entire group of enemies snipers (Video 1) I thought; we really need a forum post (MaMorPig.Com!) with videos of brutal killstreaks and Epic battles like this one...

The following are the Epic vids Ive seen so far alongs with others posted by the community. Feel free to post your own favorite Kills, just label them with the name of the video and a short description in the post. If its a Brutal, hilarious, or just pain epic kill, ill add it to the collection.

So sit back, Relax, and enjoy some of the rarest Planetside 2 videos known to man!


The Collection


Video #1: Hell From Above - Assault Style! 

Description: A lone soldier with a Jetpack Evades enemy fire on a bridge, before scaling the enemy's mountain encampment and taking out a group of snipers and thier backup.


Video #2: Heavy Assault Kill-Streak

A wayward Warrior assaults a group of enemy soldiers hiding behind the rocks of a desert-like terrain as tanks roll by the firefight. (Ends on a 9 Killstreak)


Video #3: A Crown Too Far

A squad gets lead into battle for a tactical capture of the Cowns main Spawn. Theres Galaxy's flying everywhere, Mech-warriors shooting anti-air into the sky, and a whole lot of tactical maneuvers to hold the enemy back before reinforcements arrive. 


Video #4: Action Packed Scythe Gameplay (Air Combat)

A solo Scythe Fighter pilot takes on an amazing amount of enemies, crushing them, vaporizing them, and blasting them to hell from inside the cockpit of a very agile air vehicle. (Ends on a 14 Killstreak!)


UPDATE 9/30/12 (Thanks Paragus1!)

Video #5: Galaxy Fail. 

A cocky pilot flys his Galaxy behind enemy lines to pick up his buddy. Will he rescue his friend from certain death?? No, defiently not.


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