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To much customer service. Never been asked for this information before.

KumateKumate Asheville, NCPosts: 69Member

Ok just a quick down and dirty explanation.


I purchased DFO over a year ago and when I did it was via a website that offered it for 9.99$ at the time.  The purchase went smooth and I created my DF account.  Played the game for about a month and just realized that I was to far behind everyone to really catch up.

Well with the new announcement I decided to get back into it.  My plan was to rejoin DF just to start to establish some contacts with guilds and such so I have a home when DF UW comes out.  But when I went to login in it told me my information was incorrect.  I can understand that, been awhile I just might of forgot my information.  So i do the retrieve password and I get my email right away.  But the information is again inccorect and now I realize it is my Username.  Except there is no option to retrieve a username (every other MMO has it).  So I do a google and search how retrieve it.  They link you to the DF support page.  But you need to LOGIN to be able to use the page.  Thought that was funny.  I did MORE research (google) and found a direct link email address that I emailed my problem to.  If I didn't do my homework I would of never found it.

I email them the issue.  They respond very fast actually about 10 minutes, that they will need my name, last 4 digits of my credit card and address at the time of purchase.  Also what server I am on and character.  So I respond with ALL the correct information except my credit card.  They respond that the last 4 was incorrect.  They also say that to ensure that I am the correct use they need to me provide them a scanned copy of a valid ID and either a utlility bill or bank statement that has my full name and correct address on it.

I have NEVER heard of this before in a MMO.  Maybe if there was huge fraud, like gold selling or something in mist of all this maybe, but just a basic username retreival.  So i respond back that I have only had two credit cards in the last 5 years and the other one must of been use to make the purchase (I sometimes use it just to put some charges on it from time to time) and that must of been the case.  I give them the last 4 of that card.  Now remember all the other information was correct, my characters full name, server, address, email, and my full name. 

I also inform them that I am in the Military and that providing a valid ID would be an issue because my drivers license has been expired for 16 years.  This is because the state law dictates that my drivers license will remain vaild as long as my military ID is shown with it if requested.  When I get out of the military only then am I required to get a new drivers license.  I also live on base housing so I do not have a utility bill.  I also did not feel comfortable giving them a copy of my United States Military ID (for obvious reasons) and it was the only valid ID I had.  Giving my banking information is not an option either because just feels like a big intrusion to my life.  They can see bank carrier, account numbers, and so on.  Way to much information nowadays to just be floating out there. 

Here is a copy of one of my emails.  I am not going to provide them all because it has personal information in them.


Anyone else think this is just way to overboard? For a Username?






  • KumateKumate Asheville, NCPosts: 69Member


    Due to possible security issues, please provide us with a photocopy or a scanned image of a valid photo ID and a recent bank or utility statement with the full name and address of the original credit card or Paypal holder - clearly visible.

    You may send this by attaching a JPEG image to this ticket or by sending a fax to our main head office at 0030 210 689 7514.

    Please ensure to include the following, if you choose to send it through fax:
    - your account name:
    - your server:
    - the ticket number:

    We shall be waiting for your reply,

    Thank you,
    Darkfall Support

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: NPX-154297
    Department: Accounts and Billing
    Priority: Low
    Status: Pending

    No thanks you can close my ticket.  I rather repurchase the game then have to provide you with that much sensitive information that could be used on me one day if you guys have a slip up and important documents are released.  You guys should really just have a username retrieval system on your account management page just like every other MMO out there.  Not one of them has EVER asked me for a photo ID and bank statement.  I feel you are asking to much for a simple username when it clear that everything I have answered was correct except my first attempt of a credit card (most people have more then one).


  • WeretigarWeretigar winifrede, WVPosts: 600Member Uncommon

    Same reason why I don't use paypal that much anymore they wanted a photocopy of my ss card im like O_o....No. It does seem like more and more companies are wanting people to put out information that they really do not need. I do not blame you one bit for just purchasing another copy if you really want to play the game. 

    I hope you have fun in whatever game you decide to play.

  • king0fmarsking0fmars eagle, WIPosts: 43Member
    Veteren Darkfall characters were selling for hundreds and at times one thousand dollars or more on player auctions. More than once characters were stolen by thieves.
  • UhwopUhwop Wilm, DEPosts: 1,778Member Uncommon

    Blizzard does the same thing if you want to remove the authenticator through the support page.  If you call them they only need the last CD key you used and what credit card you paid with.  I didn't even have the card number just what bank it was from, which was good enough for them.

    Think about it.  That information they want is the only real way they have of determining that you are who you say you are if none of the other information you give them is matching up.  Otherwise I could just contact AV support and thell them that I've lost all my account information, and the only thing I have is YOUR email adress.  Your email address is about the most unsecure information on the net. 

    I'd be a little pissed if I found out that you were able to get account information from them with only an email address, and no form of information that even indicates you actually are the preson that email address belonged to let alone the person that owned the game account. 


    Edit:  I can't imagine that an expired drivers license would be a problem, if the federal government didn't have any problem with my expired drivers lisence being used as my ID for my disability filing I can't see why a game company would care, and you can black out the sensitive information that they don't need on a banking statement.  They don't need the routing number of banking number on the bank statement, just your address, name, and I would assume the name of the bank. 

    However, I do agree they should just have a username retreival system in place like any other support site; it's not even a game thing. 

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