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Favorite God

WankyudoWankyudo Jersey City, NJPosts: 153Member Uncommon

So, what's everyone's favorite god at the moment?  I don't mean what you win the most either, but rather which you have the most fun playing as?


I love AK, I mean he's incredibly powerful, but my favorite is Hades.  Stick him with lifesteal, use 3 to heal minions, and those fun team fights where you ulti in the middle of their entire team, just for a Ymir to use his too and blow everybody up.


Omnomnom, fun.


  • MAXPOWERPCMAXPOWERPC Fayetteville, NCPosts: 3Member
    I personally like Hades the best, and is the most fun for me to play. Making him a pure tank is so fun and his abilities are all so useful. I mean he has a silence with a CC, an escape which does damage, a nuke/heal, and an ult with a CC. Just awesome.
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