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Jade Anarchy [JA]

gtmaster32gtmaster32 daytona, FLPosts: 24Member

Jade Anarchy is a newly formed guild, focusing mainly on WvW! We are on the Jade Quarry server and are looking for members who like to group up and coordinate to get stuff done! Coordination and organization are our main objectives in WvW. We also PvE and will do dungeon runs, but WvW is our main objective. At least 16+ agewise, we would like to keep it mature. Also currently recruiting officers!

If you want to join, PM me your in-game name here on the site or contact me in-game, (mail is the best way): Arimas Nogard.

We will utilize the JQ servers TS3 for voice chat and communication go to to get the TS info!

Guild website is currently being built.


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