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From the Ashes [TAG]

DearestRiverDearestRiver Whittier, CAPosts: 1Member

From the Ashes is a small (for now) guild looking mostly for members at the moment.  I'll keep it short and simple about what we're about and what we need. We focus on all aspects of the game and sometimes come together for a singular event such as WvW or dungeons. We're not too far left or right on the casual-hardcore spectrum either, so no added pressure of needing to be on at certain times, unless you want to. Now we're not too picky about what we need, so age, race, class, gender, religion, condiment preference and geographical orientation do not matter.

From the Ashes is the guild for the Twisted Alternative Gaming community. If you would like to join, please go to this link. This one right here ---> . Just fill out an application and we'll get through it as soon as possible. You can also message us once you're signed up on the forums so we can add you to the guild if you wish.

We have the following resources available to members, some with extenuating circumstances:

- Ventrilo

- Guild Bank (5 silver a week to use)

- Guild Weaponsmith and Armorer

- Emblem

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