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Arkanius - A 2D Retro-Styled MMORPG

ArtisanCArtisanC PwllheliMember Posts: 5

I'm currently developing a 2D (indie) retro-styled mmorpg called Arkanius..

There's magic, projectile and melee combat, a very deep and interactive quest system, a skill system (cooking, woodcutting, mining, tailoring, leatherworking, blacksmithing, fishing, harvesting, alchemy, crafting, carpentry and enchanting), a nice atmosphere, nice slick gui, etc.. Take a look at the official website at or CLICK HERE.

There's an active small forum and community, a screenshot gallery, various guides and much more! Don;t miss out, I assure you will if you miss this games beta :]..

I'm honestly trying my best with this project.. I've played hundreds of RPGs and MMORPGs and am still currently an avid player. I know what makes a good mmo. Come see :D.

Some screenshots:

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