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What this guy said....

ellobo29ellobo29 warren, MIPosts: 420Member Uncommon


"Good job Aventurine!!! You said that you were listening to the player base for that new game, so please now listen to them again and start updating more often after the launch. Don't take 2 months to repair bugs and don't take 1 year before banning the hackers, and your game is gonna have a good population. You did create imo the best hardcore pvp mmo, now you need to step up and prove that you are able to manage it and communicate more with the playerbase.

Thanks AV, I can't wait to play DFO:UW"

Now on a personal note... I did enjoy DF when i played it for what it was. I allowed bugs/xploits to slide because i assumed they would be taken care of in a timley manner.... but after a year of piss poor updates and fixes i left.......Maybe just Maybe i will return.

And for FOOK sake get some good advertising.

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