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DF2010.. DFArena...DF2.0.. DFUnholyWars

GreymoorGreymoor ManchesterPosts: 802Member Uncommon

To answer a popular question we're going to see constantly over the next couple of months...

In 2009/2010 AV planned an expansion for the game, after this they realised they had to create a new game entirely to get past some of the issues DF1.0 has faced.

They began work on a new title which is very similar to DF1.0 in its core but has a lot of work done to it. Darkfall Unholy Wars.

- An entirely new world, redone, new cities, dungeons, new mobs

- New visuals and animations (never DF's strong point but I welcome them anyway!)

- A new class system where you can switch between Fighter, Elementalist, Ranger, Priest. So there is no more hybrid system we see now, you're not forced to train every ability in an endless grind. HOWEVER they have stated you will be able to switch often giving players a level of freedom which is perhapes too much for most in the current Darkfall.

- Land Fortresses, like the sea ones they will be epic

- Completely new UI, praise the lord

- Removal of load lag

They claim they will be releasing a lot more information in the coming weeks too but the scale of these improvements and changes I think justifies it to be a new game in its own right.

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