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Just started playing

FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare

I've lost interest in GW2, for the moment.  I went back to D3 for an hour to check out the paragon system and realized I'm still not into that game.


I played about 30 games of DoTA in WC3 but I was never particularly good.  I tended to stick to a handful of heroes and preferred the ones that could take down the towers and minions pretty well.


Anyway, they've done a great job with maintaining the feel of WC3 DOTA.  I've only played a few of the beginner 5v5 player vs. AI maps.  I'll probably need to do some reading on the order of items to get and whether or not you should farm the mobs in the wild to level faster or gain more gold.


I am worried about the experience once I start playing against other players.  The DoTA community in WC3 was horrible and I have to assume the same is true in the current list of MOBA games.  I also tend to get very frustrated when getting owned by other heroes played by far better players.


I'm figuring the rotation of free heroes and the intermediate player vs AI maps will keep me entertained for a while.


  • DisdenaDisdena Troy, NYPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon

    Glad you're enjoying it so far. :)  Which champions have you tried?

    While there are a lot of complaints about the community, the system for reporting players has had a lot of thought put into it. People really do get banned pretty quickly if they go around dropping racial slurs or intentionally dying a dozen times just to piss their team off. The bigger problem you'll run into is playing with and against skilled players on smurf accounts. But because of the matchmaking system, anyone who gets that many wins in a row will start getting matched up against higher level accounts.

    Generally, once you get to higher level games, one person (the jungler) will have the role of exclusively running around killing the neutral mob camps so that they're not taking experience and gold from a lane. This doesn't happen as much when you're low level because runes and masteries have an effect on how easily you can clear those camps without taking a lot of damage. Around level 20 it will become more common than not to see a jungler on both teams.

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare

    I've tried:


    Annie 1x

    Cho'Gath 2x

    Miss Fortune 2x

    Morgana 1x

    Dr. Mundo 1x


    Miss Fortune is my favorite of that list, but she seems overpowered versus easy bots with no real hero killing ability.  I'll probably try all of the free weekly heroes but won't move past beginner vs. AI bots until I have the items figured out and strategies for several of them.


    Some players in these beginner games rack up like 30 hero kills and solo dragon kills pretty early.  I'm not sure what they're even doing there.

  • wrekognizewrekognize salt lake city, UTPosts: 385Member Uncommon

    *deleted* unrelated post.


  • TriZz_MiCkZzTriZz_MiCkZz BodoPosts: 2Member

    It isn't that hard to play league og legends (LOL). You just needs to ceep your champion near a turret when you meat an anemy. That is the way to get kills, but if you want to win you just need to destroy turrets until you are in the bace. Then you destroy that pink thing and you have won. That is how i play ;) But just remember, beleve in your self ;)

    I'm not that good in english, i'm from norway so it's a little difficult to talk with you guys but i can handle it :D And i'm only fifteen so that makes a little harder :P

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