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[PvX][Casual][Australia] Lhug Ohtar is recruiting on Stormbluff Isles

GaarindorGaarindor CanberraPosts: 1Member

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Lhug Ohtar

Lhug Ohtar is a casual Australian Guild Wars 2 Guild which lives on the Stormbluff Isles realm US Server.

We are a new guild looking for casual Guild Wars 2 players which would like to make some friends in Guild Wars for the long run.
The primary focus is to help each other out in PvE, PvP and Crafting to make the experience much more enjoyable and stress free.

There is no forced focus, but the aim of the guild is to have structure in place for any that wish to follow it.
we accept any players which would just like the opportunity to be apart of the guild even if they don't regularly join in on the guilds workings.

To qualify if you would like to join you must fit the below:
- Speak English
- Have a high level of maturity
- Respect others and their differences
- Enjoy team work and like to have fun

If you are interested, head to our website and fill in the application.
Happy gaming :)

'Lhug Ohtar' (pronounced loog oh-tar) originated from a legion of Sylvari, who believed it was their destiny to hunt the dragons that lived and caused chaos in Tyria.
These powerful yet peaceful beings were skilled in the art of slaying dragons, which in turn gave them the name 'Lhug Ohtar', an Elvish phrase that translates to 'Dragon Warrior'.
As time went by, the Sylvari realized the dragons that plagued this era were far more powerful and dominant than the dragons of old. There was little they could do on their own with their dwindling legion, and thus forged alliances with the other skilled and courageous races of Tyria.
These alliances allowed the Lhug Ohtar legion to rebuild their numbers once more!
So in turn came the age in which the Dragon Warriors would reclaim what they have lost, pushing back the balance of power into the hands of the races of Tyria.

Currently we are looking to fill a bunch of officer roles, so if you would like to show some leadership and help the guild grow their are opportunities available for you.
there is still a lot of ground work to be put in place, so those eager to help build a new guild are more then welcome. 
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