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Lazy Nation Gaming[LaZy] (PvX - Maguuma) - Recruiting ALL!

V1nomV1nom Phoenix, AZPosts: 6Member




  • Formation (2009)
  • World of Warcraft (2009 - 2011)
  • Perfect World (2011)
  • Guild Wars 2 (2012 - Present)



- Guild Name: Lazy Nation Gaming [LaZy]

- Country: International

- Focus: PvX - Organized PvP | Dungeons | Personal Story | +MORE

- Founded: 2009

- Server: Maguuma




Lazy Nation Gaming was founded in June, 2009 by few friends in WoW. We wanted to create a guild that was different and not going on the same path that most guilds go on. We don't believe in having players fill out an application when 90% of the time they are very long applications. Then have a leader or someone in the high ranks interview them, to us this is not a job its gaming and shouldn't feel like applying for a job :P (No offense to those type of guilds, but we don't aim for that). Who wants to fill out a boring application anyways? Some guilds don't allow you to cuss in guild chat, voice server, etc we don't care if you cuss or not not a big thing anyways. But I understand why guilds because there are kids in there, but kids will find out about cussing either from movies, music, friends, etc. We are a laid back guild, Semi Hardcore/Casual guild. We want a guild that can be for all types play styles of players, If your a hardcore PvPer, harcore PvEer, or both we are not restricted to only one type of play style we welcome all types. 



Here in Lazy Nation Gaming we got from casual players, to hardcore PvPers. Our goal here is to have a friendly communtiy, to have fun gaming, and able to make new friends and gain more friends in the future. Our STAFF, our duty and pleasure to help players and have a fun atmosphere for everyone, experience, rank or any play style none of these matter.



4+ Years Gaming Experience.

Passion for gaming.

Knowledge of games.

Mature, Family Friendly Like.

50+ Slot Mumble Server.

PvP,WvW,PvE, all styles of MMO life united into one NATION!

Weekly Events: PvP Tournaments + PvE, Contests, +MORE.



- Contact me ingame

 Miss Envenom

- Or go to our forums under "Request To Join" and put your information down.






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