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[PVE]Travelers Of Tyria[TOT], Henge of Denravi(US) is recruiting

WynterArwynWynterArwyn Cincinnati, OHPosts: 36Member Uncommon
Travelers of Tyria is a mature, social, PVE focused guild that has roots in Guild Wars. All of our members are 18+. We enjoy spending our time completing content either together or on our own and sharing our adventures through both text & voice chat. We were apart of the We Still Need Therapy[Now] Alliance in Guild Wars and are continuing both the alliance as well as our focus into Guild Wars 2

We are focused on being social, making friends, exploring tyria, and creating a fun community. We welcome all mature players if you’re interested in joining us feel free to fill out our application on the recruitment page of our website or contact us in game.

If you're looking for a guild that doesn't require a high level of commitment and will allow you to make friends than look no further!

We have a guild mumble server & our website is compatible with the enjin-in-game client.

Feel free to visit our website and put in an application.

In Game Contacts:
Razor Bliss.1675
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