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Grimlands: Why no media on this game? 9/30/2012 release date

SalengerSalenger Pottageville, ONPosts: 546Member Uncommon

Been following this game for awhile, but their forums dont update much and their website stills ays closed beta, Mmorpg list states 9/30 this year as a release date for the game, any truth to this?

Or if anyone has solid info on what the status of game is, its appreciated.



  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Posts: 961Member Uncommon
    Never even listen to this forum with releases they only update AAA ttiles, they don't bother with games like this.. Grimlands is in beta still and far off still far as I know.  I tested and followed this game, great game so far, but the have a ways to go...
  • TrungelTrungel WelzheimPosts: 1Member
    Grimlands is still in Development and the Closed-Beta is still going on. If you want to get Updates look in the new forum, Facebook or Twitter.
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