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Really siked about this game!!!

LahuzerLahuzer BorPosts: 757Member Uncommon

Since I´m gonna play the EU version of this game I might just as well post this here as well:

I always been a sucker for asian kung fu movies, and I´ve grown quite tired of the orc and goblins MMOs. In comes AoW in all it´s glory. And boy could this be the game I will fall in love with. No farming wolves out in the wild. You do missions to progress, and it´s humans you fight not the classics fantasy BS mobs.

And there are some sandbox elements in here as well. It´s open world PVP. You can jump on any1 everywhere. But there can be consequences to your action, and you can got to jail. Also when you log out, you turn into a NPC, and other players, maybe from a rival clan, can kidnapp you and sell you off to slavework etc. And when you log back in you might find yourself in a cave doing slave work and will either have to fight your way out, or maybe bribe the once holding you.

There is clan wars ingame where 250v250 can fight it out. 1 clan trying to take territory of other clans. You PvP, you burn buildings, kidnapp npc's from enemy guild territory, and fight boss at end.
In clan wars there are items, which will give other clans more xp, not sure how many ppl can go there, but theres a lot PvP on the whole map. You will also be able to set taxes for the area that your clan hold.

So no safe zones, can pvp everywhere, even in some instances boss will bring peeps inside and there will be PvP, You can join the police to catch criminals etc. And there are arenas 6v6 12v12 24v24 atm 2 modes, normal team dethmatch and something like in COD Blackops, 1 person have buff 50% dmg/def but cant use potions, who kill that person gets buff.

And there is a complex crafting system and a deep player driven economic system.

So much goodies in this game, and I can´t wait to test it out when it comes out at the 11th of october for those that did the elite preorder that is only 10 bucks. See ya there perhaps.

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