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Starting up again on Quetzalcoatl

Raptor091288Raptor091288 Morgan Hill, CAPosts: 1Member

As the topic name says, I just bought the game on steam after more than a few years of not playing the game. Various reasons contributed to me stopping, some of which beyond my control. However I'm confident I can pick it up again and stick with it for a while (At least until FFXIV RR is out). That said, I've got two requests: One, a gold world pass (Because who doesn't want free stuff?), and two: A social LS.

I've got several friends already on this server but the problem is their accounts are inactive and they won't be back until next month at the earliest... Thus wasting nearly all of the 'free' 30 days of gametime from buying the game - I didn't realize their accounts were inactive when I redeemed my key otherwise I'd have waited. Plus it gives me a reasonable chance to catch up to them so we aren't level syncing for life.


So... Anyone? Gold world pass and/or social LS on Quetzalcoatl?


  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic mars, FLPosts: 750Member Uncommon
    i play ontjhis sever i just start as well there arent that many people on it tho good luck 
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