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I hate ranked

CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

I tried ranked twice.  Both times, I everyone got kicked off the match and we were all like "WTF?!?!?!" in lfg -.- 

Anyone else had this persistent and annoying e-shoe?

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  • MAXPOWERPCMAXPOWERPC Fayetteville, NCPosts: 3Member
    Actually yes, my second ranked match game I got disconnected during load screen and my internet was still working just fine. Everytime I tried logging back on just froze at log screen, finally after 10 mins I was able to rejoin the game and somehow my team was dominating and we won lol.
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  • FugglyFuggly Newport News, VAPosts: 141Member
    I left Smitew after trying Ranked and finding out you could only play one ranked every 45 minutes i think it was. If i remember correctly, the ranked Q opened every 30 minutes for you to join, then after you joined you had to wait another 15 i think it was for some reason i forget. That was insta turn off for me. I will not be going back to Smite because of that. One match every 45 minutes is beyond any words i can think of to describe its retardedness. 


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