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Knights of The Blood - Sanctum of Rall - Pvx/WvW

ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member
Knights of the Blood
Server: Sanctum of Rall
Voice Commincation:  Mumble
Playstyle:  Pvx/WvW
Officers: Valerant (Leader) , Pande, Dendore

Bio:  Knights of the Blood was formed by a group of players that played in other MMOs.  We are currently looking to expand our roster for a more active guild environment.  Our primary focus at the time is Pvx.  Pushing to clear Explorer Mode for all dungeons to better gear our players and to enjoy the challenge that comes with doing them.

If you are looking for a home on Sanctum of Rall or thinking about playing the game please apply on our website or message one of us in game.  Cheers!


(Yes this guilds name is reference to a Anime ^.^)


  • DendoreDendore Wayne, MIPosts: 1Member
    We are still recruiting, if your are interested let us know.
  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member
    Hey Guys. We are slowly growing and looking for more players to transition to a WvWvW presence. We are also clearing explorer mode dungeons everyday. Hope to see more soonimage
  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member
    We have gotten a influx of new active members! Check us out if you are intrested in finding a friendly gaming enviroment who like running dungeons and exploring every facet of the game.
  • ThorbrandThorbrand West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 1,198Member

    How active is the guild during the week nights and on the weekends. I am currently in a great guild but it is hard to get them together to form up and do dungeons and world events in the higher zones.

    I am lvl 80 gaurdian 400 Armorer. Want to work on some dungeon sets and finish the world zones.

    I love WvW PvP.

  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member

    We currently have a good handfull of 80s.  We have been also helping some of our guys that are working hard to the cap to explore Arah and other dungeons.  We are actually primarily a evening weekend guild.  ALot of us work and go to class.


    We are trying to get at a good spot for WvW to have a prescence for our server.  We are about to start doing structured pvp also and are looking for more people to get teams going.

  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member
    KoB is having a guild WvW night this Wednesday night at 6:30pm cst.  Come hang out with us!
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