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Golf Anyone??

ModruModru canton, OHPosts: 8Member

ok MMORGP'ers spring is here, its getting warmer outside, that can only mean one thing..


ok ok I know most you dont like golf, wont play golf in their lifetime, but for the millions of us who enjoy the Game there is a online game you can get your fix. has (in my opinion) developed a online game that finaly plays like true golf. your stance matters, the slope of the fairways matter, uphill lies and downhill lies have an effect on shot selection. you have to pay attention to wind direction and speed. all the dynamics that in RL make your life hell on the course :)

They have developed a nice way to lvl your charaters so right out the gate your not gonna shoot -34 under par and get bored after a few rounds., the courses get harder as you move along , so once your shooting under par on the begginer courses you can get a much harder challenge on the intermediate courses

So if you need a break ( like I did ) from the endless slaughter of orcs, lizardmen, etc. and the mindless lvl grinds this game is a welcome breath of fresh air

Oh did i Mention that it in open beta and is FREE, costs NOTHING, NO PAY TO PLAY unlike a fine sunday morning at the local club where you have to fill out a credit app to be able to play anymore :)

So go to and D/L the game and give it a try.. If anyone from gives me a shout in game ( Gratheil ) ill do my best to hook you up with some cash to get started ...


  • DulainDulain Marina, CAPosts: 616Member

    Thanks for the post. I just played this one for a bit and had some fun with a friend. I was wondering how do you get tickets to play at other courses though?

    I also had a hard time on the practice areas, especially the short game. I think they need to add range finder in the short game practice mode. It was hard to find out which club to use or which power to hit the ball at.

    You seem to level up pretty quickly if you are playing with more then one person on the course. The items seem pretty expensive so far, and they don't look like they add anything to your character except for looks. Seeing as most people will start out looking the same, it's nice that they have a variety of items to change your style.

    I haven't played a golf game online before, but this one is pretty fun. It looks like they're planning on adding leagues, tournaments, and quests to it also.


  • ionicwingsionicwings ParaPosts: 109Member
    pangyang (forgot the spelling heheh) is much famous in korea now image
  • cretinbobcretinbob norwich, NYPosts: 21Member

    Shotonline is a great deal of fun. It's relaxing like real golf too. At least most of the time. I hate zining one around the lip of the cup and missing par.image

    But seriously, if you are tired of grinding to level and want to do something besides bash mobs this is the game for you.

  • bobblerbobbler bakersfield, CAPosts: 810Member

    Originally posted by ionicwings
    pangyang (forgot the spelling heheh) is much famous in korea now image

    pangya >_>


  • phanatxphanatx Dover, NHPosts: 41Member Common

    Ive been playing SO since December, and have found a great community in game. If you are looking for people that have played the game, check out Im registered as Marna_Shanksalot in bot the game and the forums there, so if you need help, a starting hand, or tips, don't be afraid to ask.

    They are having problems getting people to play this gae. Let me say this.. I hate golf, but this game is a welcome change from all the hack and slash BS they have released since UO. The packaging might change, but this is the first real change that i have seen in an Online game in years.

    If you havent tried it out, do so. If you have stopped playing, come back. Its a lot of fun if you get into the right group of people...


  • WowTrollWowTroll Trabuco canyon, CAPosts: 74Member

    I downloaded the game, and loved it from the start. It is a different twist to a mmorpg. Its easy to get started and great graphics for a golf game.  I would recommend it to anyone.image

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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 11,718Member Uncommon
    I been to that site before and I'm going to download it too (later on). Ever since 97' I was just obsessed with Hot Shot golf. Sadly I don't own any of the versions. I will by the newest one for PS2 soon.

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