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What exactly are you looking for in MMORPGs now?

Tutu2Tutu2 MelbournePosts: 570Member Uncommon
You hear it endlessly: "I'm sick of these boring kill 10 rats quests!" Surely there's only so many ways one can dress up a quest/mission? You've got your kill quests, escort quests, fetch quests and a few others I've forgotten. I'm no expert in anything, but I think until ground-breaking virtual reality kind of technologies come out, I doubt anything is going to change. Even GW2 is basically the exact same fed-ex quests, but with better variety and a free-form kind of feel to break up the monotiny. (I love the game btw, I'm not bashing it, just getting my point across.) So what is truly going to make you happy?


  • StonesDKStonesDK SomewherePosts: 1,805Member

    For me it's not the kill 10 rats quests I have a problem with. It's the boring repetitive combat. If combat was fun then even kill 100 rats quests would be fun. Target something, press 1,2 and maybe 3.. rinse repeat until stupid AI mob is dead. Get level and upgrades.. rinse repeat for slightly higher numbers than previous version.

    The only time you are remotely seeing something truely dynamic and interesting, is when you add PvP into the mix. It doesn't really solve the old boring tab targeting 1,2,3 issue but it makes it tolerable and other players make it interesting


    I've played many games where I have done nothing but senseless killings of mobs in other genres without having getting a prize for it, simply because the fight and combat mechanics were great. MMOs have never been able to adopt that for me

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