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The Gamers Clique [TGC] on Anvil Rock

FoxxenFoxxen Fort Worth, TXPosts: 20Member

Greetings one and all!


We are The Gamers Clique!

What the name stands for basically is that we look at ourselves as one big Clique, one all inclusive Group!  We don't believe in small cliques within a guild, we think that kind of play is bad for the guild as a whole.  What we mean is, when you have a small group of people that only work within a small circle of people within the guild and exclude all others, you're not helping anyone but yourselves.  At that point you should probably just make a guild of your own as basically that is what you've become.  But with us, we believe that we should work as a team, work as a guild, work together whenever possible.  This is why we've chosen this name for our guild, well at least one of the reasons.  I'll get to the others later on our own site.

With all of this aside however, we are looking for active, mature players that want a guild on the Anvil Rock server that is not into being hardcore anything but fun.  We're a Drama free guild, we will not have any of the nonsense you see in general chat or other guilds that just cater to those types of players.  It doesn't matter to us if we're considered the best at anything we do as long as we're having fun that's all that matters.

As far as recruitment goes, we are open to ALL classes and ALL levels.  Anyone at this current time can invite you to the guild, just message any of our members to invite you.  The more players we get at varying play times, the better.  Now as far as our plans go?  Yeah if we can get a good group of players wanting to do Dungeons ( Which I totally encourage ) and Raids later, we'll do them.  We have in WoW, Rift, LotRO, SWTOR and will more than likely do here as well.

We have our own Ventrilo server, Website ( Which everyone needs to join on for any Guild only functions including raids ).


We're small at this point and have no plans to become a HUGE guild.  I can see us around 100+ and leveling off around there.  To me any bigger and we'd be taking away from the personal level of our guild.  We're very laid back and easy going about gaming.  Some of us are always  hanging out in Ventrilo so all members are welcome to join us there for that one, it's not mandatory unless we're doing Dungeons or Raids.

If this seems like a guild you'd like to be a part of? Check us out on our Website and or get with us in game, we are on the Anvil Rock server!

Have fun!


Guild Leader

The Order of Sanity

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