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Continent of the Ninth Seal: The Ruined Empire Key Giveaway!

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Want to play Reaperess before anyone? Want to enjoy C9’s upcoming contents before live update? Don’t worry we’ve got the just thing for you. With 1 Beta Key you can enjoy everything! As a Beta key holder, you’ll have the chance to experience C9 Test server before update, with 4th continent including Reaperess!  Get your key while the supplies last!


Promotion Period

September 5 ~ September 9, 2012 GST

C9 New Expansion Beta Key Benefits

1)     Beta Key activated account will be able to enjoy the test server for 5 days.

2)     Beta Key activated account can try the new contents including Reaperess and 4th Continent.

3)     Beta Key activated account can make every class with max level 50.


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