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How's EU status?

cappytoicappytoi AnkaraPosts: 41Member

Hello fellow Rift EU players. Last time I checked the EU shards are not really in great condition and that was like 3-4 months ago. I have started playing in headstart and with occassional breaks I consumed all the quest & dungeon content in the game except maybe a bit of the ember isle. I am now thinking to buy the Storm Legion as I like that there are a lot of new content in the game, and of course by the size of that huge continents, it is clear to me that I'll need a lot of time to finish those in my free time. So I am thinking about buying that yearly sub, but I am concerned about the population in EU shards. What is the current status?

P.S. I really do not want an answer based on those population sites, I want to know what it actually feels like.


  • GallaiGallai tuzlaPosts: 12Member

    Well i play on EU , and only 2 servers are moderate population , mostly higher lvls .

    Too bad ,cauze this game is totaly awsome ,cauze it never gets u bored nice pve and decent pvp with new expansion i belive it will be perfect...

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