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Endless load times for multi player maches

freejackmackfreejackmack feeport, MSPosts: 378Member
Endless load times for  multi player maches makes me want to spend all kinds of money on this game~ NOT!


  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,801Member Uncommon
    there's a trick. if you hide the UI (forgot keybing) and you see cars on road, you need to restart the game. if you're the only car you're still loading.


  • fatboy21007fatboy21007 triadelphia, WVPosts: 409Member
  • freejackmackfreejackmack feeport, MSPosts: 378Member

    Ok so there was an update for the game and things seem better. So i just wanted to follow up with the progress and some suggestions for settings.

    The endless load times are gone as far as I can see from a short play session yesterday after i patched the game. However i did get disconnected which happens in every single mmo; i had the game freeze as well; it happens to the best of games.

    I had some game load time improvements from using a trick in the SWTOR forms. Just right click on the launcher shortcut and go to properties/compatibility and put a check in run in xp service pack 3 compatibility mode and for giggles i selected disable desktop composition and run as admin.

    I love team evade races and the game is really nice except for the weird effects of lag or desincrinization between players.

    So enjoy hope it helps.

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