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EU: Far Shiverpeaks: [LT:evolved] Guild Recruitment - Social

xyaniusxyanius ReadingPosts: 5Member
LT:evolved is recruiting new members to join our guild.  We are formed from a wider social group who enjoy playing games together.  Finally, a game of this standard has arrived and we are getting seriously stuck in!  We have a website, we use mumble for our voice chat and have facebook and steam groups.

We have 2 guild nights per week on Wednesday and Sunday when we do dungeon runs.  We do PVP and will start to get into WvW in the near future.

All new members will join the 'Initiate' rank for a trial period before being promoted if they meet the minimum requirements.

We always welcome new members to join our ranks.  We have no age restriction on who can join, but we are a mature guild and expect members to act responsibly.   If you are interested in joining please check out our website => where you'll find instructions on how to apply to our guild.


  • xyaniusxyanius ReadingPosts: 5Member
    Welcome to all our new members!  We did a good run of CM tonight and everyone is levelling well in PVE together.  Looking forward to the next dungeon run :D  We always welcome new members, so if anyone is interested in joining, please check out for details!
  • xyaniusxyanius ReadingPosts: 5Member
    We are making great progress as a guild, but we still need more members for PVP, WvWvW and Dungeons :D
  • xyaniusxyanius ReadingPosts: 5Member
    Welcome to all our new members, its great to have you with us, if anyone else would like to join us for dungeon runs, PVP, or more, please check us out at
  • xyaniusxyanius ReadingPosts: 5Member
    Guild nights are going well, currently we do dungeon runs on Wednesday and Sunday, if anyone else would like to join us, it would be great to see you!
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