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Steam pumping new life into the game

redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

I know theres a lot of players who left and are watinging for this game to...well basically get more populated before returning.

You may or may not know that this game was placed onto Steam Greenlight a few days ago.


Its certainly pumping a lot of new life into the game, with the starter areas buzzing with activity again.


Also that new kickstarter package that gives trial/new players 40K EP and a robot, and a radom T4 gift, and some other crap...for the same price as buying the game elswhere (under$10 for a month no box) seems to be converting it should seeing as its putting new players into heavy mechs with a bit of player help with the needed in game currency to buy.


Should be interesting to see how steam play out since before the game was mostly noob free and full of bitter vets.  Its actually shocking to see the activity in game change drasticaly since it went on greenlight.


Might be a good time to check back in, help some new players, or revive your old dead corp since most of these new players are battle ready with their 40K of EP just for paying $10.


Seems right now the two major issues are the new dynamic ore spawns are pitting trial players in an arkhe with one autocannon and one mining mod against mob spawns...meaning a lot cant complete the training without help (vets are stepping up and guarding the titan ore spawns that are needed to finish)...hopefully this gets fixed and they stop spawning ore on decently hard mob spawns for new players.

Also..Corps are starting to be a weakspot.  These new players have the ability to pvp with their kickstart.  They have come for the terraforming and bases.  Im not sure there are more than two active corps in the game right now.


So just a head up in case anyone here was on break for the game, good time to hop back in...fill your corp up with fresh blood ect.  A good time to hop in game if you havent played either, 40K EP is what you would normally get after subbing for a get that instantly and still gain the 1EP per min while subbed (on top of 1ep per min for the 15 day trial)


  • gorticgortic Onalaska, WIPosts: 115Member Uncommon
    yep I took a break for a couple of weeks, logged on yesterday and today defiently like the population 


  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

    They just announced that in a few days that kickstarter package will be open to existing accounts



    So just to recap: new/trial players get trial period EP gains a touch over 20K EP then 20kEP for buying the game +20k additional EP for buying the kickstart package on amazon.

    Existing players in a few day will be able to add one month gametime and get 20K additional EP


    Kickstarter off gives a free robot a free random t4 mod, a spark upgrade, and a laughably low amount of NIC (in game currency)


    Great time to jump in if your looking for a game like eve but with mmorpg style character control and combat and a good time for older players to stop in and see all the changes such as base building and terraforming.



  • gorticgortic Onalaska, WIPosts: 115Member Uncommon
    bump :)


  • gibogibo GibraltarPosts: 25Member
    No agreesion spawns (NPC) in starter Islands for new players to mine in peace where ever that resource may be.  Game might be greenlighted , on steam pretty soon, meaning a few weeks.
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