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Marvel Heroes Phoenix as Playable MMORPG

zx12cvbnzx12cvbn New York, NYPosts: 1Member

  White Phoenix of the Crown


Powers :

Telekinesis Spheres 

Pyrokinesis Maelstrom


Shield Well

Cosmic Quakes 

Consume Room 

White Phoenix's Assault 

Supermassive Nexus Waves 

White Hot Room ( Extreme Token ) 

Life Force Control

Healing Fast

Absorb Energy 

Disintegration Waves 

Psionic Mastery

Uncanny  X-Man 



Alternate Costumes : Here Comes Tomorrow and Red Phoenix ( Dark Phoenix )



Phoenix is an immortal, indestructible, and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life, derived from the psyches of all living beings. In its natural state, this life-cycle is enough to sustain the Force. However, in order to manifest itself on the physical plane, the Force must tap into the near limitless source of energy provided by life-force reserved for future generations, thus denying them existence. The Force can wield this energy to project beams of immense concussive force, as well as transmigrate throughout time and space by folding its energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole, then it reforms itself upon reaching its destination, like the Phoenix of Earth legend. While possessing a human host, the Force is able to augment any super-powers they have to vastly higher levels.


  • ZefireZefire lol, CAPosts: 676Member

    Love dat shit.

    Are they going to incude dark phoenix?

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