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  • superniceguysuperniceguy AnchorheadPosts: 2,278Member Uncommon

    It is definately worth a try.

    EQmac was saved earlier in the year.

    There looked no hope for its survival, then 2 weeks later Smedley changed his mind, even after posting a letter to the community after receiving tonnes of feedback to save it, to explain why it had to close.

    27th Jan 2012: The closure announcement

    31st Jan 2012: John Smedleys letter to the community,

    with him saying a bunch of reasons for its closure and that he is a MAC fan, it showed no hope of the closure being aborted

    But then, 2 weeks later he changed his mind:


    Some games can not be saved though, but always worth a try for a while.

    There is no definate plan for closure on this yet. and details are pending, so they could be testing the water - see how much of a reaction to the close it will get, if it is huge enough and more than they thought, they may change their mind. Say nothing as you think nothing will save it, then the game is dead for sure.


  • storytellerstoryteller Cincinnati, OHPosts: 2Member

    I'm going to do everything I can to try and save a game that has given me more than 8 years of entertainment and still had years and years of stuff I wanted to do.


    I really hoping one of our efforts works!


    --Jason, the Storyteller

  • anonentityanonentity Atlanta, GAPosts: 31Member Uncommon
    The same here. I posted the petition link over on's site. May get a few more signatures there. If nothing else it lets people know.
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