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[Review] Seven Souls Online: Seven Souls Online

garrettgarrett Posts: 281MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon

On first impressions, Seven Souls Online (also known as Martial Empires Online) seems to be a game that should’ve been released in the US a couple years ago. Upon further inspection, this is the terrible truth. The game has an extremely eastern feel, and it follows the typical mantras of MMOs of the past few years. Coming in so late to the game here in the West, I can’t help but feel like this particular venture probably won’t see much attention. Seven Souls is not a buggy mess, and genuine work has been put into making the world. However, it was released in the shadow of many big titles, and I sincerely doubt it will break free from the shade over its head.

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  • anemisanemis AnkaraPosts: 39Member


    Thanks a lot. I have read the whole review and while I am seeking a game which I can play for a long time, that review told me stay away from seven soul online =)

    Thanks for your effort…


  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon
    LOL game was in US years ago, but went down fast, later other company released it, so ofc its old, seven souls 2 is in development right now, You guys only wasted time with checking it
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