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The overflow server and its possibilities

frestonfreston orensePosts: 521Member Uncommon

I know the overflow server is not a particularly well loved feature atm, with all the problems its having (due to the sheer pressure of the number of active players, not the idea itself) 

However i think we are overlooking not only wht it does atm, avoiding server queues and zone congestion but wht it could do in the future, when the novelty has died and the game reaches a mature state, which could happen in six months or six years for all i know.

After all, wht is Wow cross realm zones but a reversed overflow server? One that ensures you go to play to a zone with an adequate number of players instead of playing alone.

The importance of this for a game like GW2 , heaviliy dependent on the presence of other players (at least for some DE and champion mobs), can not be overlooked- Im sure in the future well have the option to play if we choose in an "underflow server" (probably youll reach it automatically if you have that option on when you teleport) that guarantees a minimum presence of other players in the same zone you are playing. 

At the end, the game would play a lot like some "one server" games like Champions, guaranteeing  automatically the presence of the adequate number of players in a zone.

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