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Who else would come back if...

daveospicedaveospice Olympia, WAPosts: 349Member Uncommon

They started a brand new server, one which older characters couldn't transfer over to?


To me what killed the fun was the fact that everyone was maxed out already and could do everything, literally everything, better than I could without having t ogrind for months and months and months.



  • brash99brash99 west coast usa, ORPosts: 94Member Uncommon

    Personally, I think it is a very good idea to have a "fresh start" server that for 3-6 months  or more, was "locked" to allow only new characters and no existing characters. IE, it would be accessible through the starter tutorial only. You would also have to not allow cross server mail so that the fresh new community would be self reliant on its own young crafters instead of older veteran crafters flooding the server with high level  items.  Maybe allow people to sail OUT of the area (with a special "You Can't Come Back!" confirmation screen)  but never INTO it. 


    I had originally thought that was what the special Epic servers were going to be, with their accelerated skill gain. My original understanding was that every 9-12 months or so, there would be some "epic" climax to the missions and then a full map and character wipe and everyone starts again on that one cluster from newbies again,  but apparently either I misunderstood or that was later revised.


    Too bad as I think a period "fresh start" server for new characters only, is a brilliant idea.



  • daveospicedaveospice Olympia, WAPosts: 349Member Uncommon

    this game desperately needs it,  since there is a max level you can reach, and that max level usually results in the hording/turtling of your character in your town, and never having to explore.  Also with the way the system works (anyone can learn anything) the longer the server is alive, means the more masters of everything there are... thus destroying the economy, and making new players feel inferior. 


    Definitly need a 6 month server where the server wipes.  PVP was epic at the beginning of the EPIC servers.

  • daveospicedaveospice Olympia, WAPosts: 349Member Uncommon
    What they should do is migrate everyone off the HOTS epic server, wipe it and use that as the 6 month server for testing the server style.  It's super small, only 10-20 players a day log into it, and the monster spawn rate on the server is perfect for a large influx of players.
  • yorkforceyorkforce DoncasterPosts: 160Member Uncommon

    Not to mention newer players would have at least half a chance of killing some of the 'one-time-spawn' dragons. When I played I was completely dismayed to find out all the dragons were wiped out within a week on the new celebration server.


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