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Ranged minions do too much dmg

gamemonstagamemonsta La Place That Doesnt Exist, CAPosts: 1Member

Harassing with shorter ranged abilities isnt viable because of how over the top ranged minion dmg is, and if a ranged champ just stays by their ranged minions, melee champs (pre lv6 or so) cant do anything (unless they have some sort of way to move the ranged into their minion range).

I just dont think this works well, being that playing agressive in encoraged by the pasive gold gain from minion death, and I think that both ranged minion dmg and lock on range need to be reduced.

Im not sure exactly how they'd do it maybe -35% ranged minion dmg to gods that starts to increase 2% per minute after 5 min, so it would be completely be normal by 22:30 and would stop increasing. This is just an idea but i really do think something needs to be done.


  • theratmonkeytheratmonkey Monroe, LAPosts: 684Member
    I honestly don't see the problem you're having. The minion damage is fine.


  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by theratmonkey
    I honestly don't see the problem you're having. The minion damage is fine.


    If ranged minions are hurting you too much, maybe you should kill them before harassing?  Cuz I do fine harassing Wukong, Bastet, and Kali.  Never really tried the others yet...

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