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(NA / EN) WvW / PVP - Eternal Mistguard (MAGUUMA)

ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member



Eternal Mistguard is a single-server (Maguuma) North American guild focused on PVP – namely WvW. We will also field structured PVP teams when GVG / automated tournaments are added, but the main objective of the guild is to get results in WvW and have fun doing it. Eternal Mistguard is a guild for all players who want to be part of a cohesive team in World Versus World — even if those players spend much of their time in PVE or with other guilds. This is not an RP guild outside of a bit of fluff text here and there and a desire for reasonable character names. There are no rules regarding membership in other guilds beyond that our guild must be marked as represented during World vs World. Activity requirements are pretty lax. I would only boot someone if they weren’t on for a month and a half or more (and we need the space for new members), and would have no issue taking them back if they became active again. The focus here is efficient fun. The structure, the rules, the way the site is laid out, it's all there to facilitate having fun in a way that also progresses real goals.

Another focus in forming the guild was making sure that there wasn’t too much structure. While the guild layout is rigid, it’s also quite simple and very straightforward. There are few rules for members outside of “represent us in WvW so we can get influence points for upgrades”, “treat each other right”, and “don’t have excessively stupid character names.” The high-level structure is also fairly simple and completely transparent. Every time the server match-up changes (normal changes only -- IE the scheduled ones every two weeks) the generals vote on a marshal for that matchup (who cannot be elected twice in a row). Their role is to function as a second guild leader when it comes to WvW in order to provide better cohesion. This helps to ensure that there is always someone around to look after the guild's interests and keep things moving along.


  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member
    Pushing this to the top. By the way, we're on Maguuma now.
  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member
    We've gotten a few since I pushed this thread back to the top of the pile. Let's do it again!
  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member

    Back up with you.


    We're up to 20 actives now.

  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member
    Picked up a few more. Pushing this back up to the top of the pile.
  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member
    Did someone say bump? We're still putting on numbers.
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