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Graphics settings for optimal performance 1920x1080

shenfreyshenfrey LeicesterPosts: 108Member Uncommon

I am running a 580 sli 980x rig and I still 40-50fps in heated moments (sometimes lower!) I found there to be a couple settings I could adjust that sitll made the game look amazing, but just ran so much smoother.


Animation - High

AA - None

Enviroment - High

LOD Distance - High

Reflections - Terrain & sky

Textures - High

Render sampling - Superspample

Shadows - Medium

Shaders - Medium (By the far the BIGGESt increase, from 70-90+fps just from switching it from high to medium)

Post Processing - High

Best Texture Flitering applied

Deth blur - Disabled

High Res Character Textures - Enabled

Vertical Sync - Disabled

Also adjust camera roatation speed further to the right for a more smoother camera transition. 


Hope this helps guys : ) 

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