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To those who believe the "questing" isn't very different than other MMOs...

ictownictown iowa city, IAPosts: 123Member

"There is an enormous mental shift that this game takes, and the first most important point to realize is that dynamic events in this world aren't called dynamic events because they happen and random places at random times around the world.

They're called dynamic events because they can actually impact the world and depending on their success or failure will trigger other dynamic events. In the starting zones they start off pretty simple. As I understand it from the devs end game interview, by the time you get to Orr they web out significantly.

That random gathering quest you have, or those random monsters that appear at a base? A lot of times those have a real story behind them, and they don't just "show up" before you join in and "go away" afterward. The dynamic quests are there to help build a more immersive dynamic world.

One of the more simple starting examples:

  • In one of the simpler dynamic events you'll find yourself helping out one of the labs in Metrica Province. After you succeed or fail that lab will take the golem they built as a result from your help to fight in the Battleground Plaza. Similarly another lab will have had a comparable dynamic event... depending on which had the better outcome determines which golem wins the fight.

These dynamic events in the area really tell the story of what's going on. If you pay attention to what the NPCs are saying and doing they will actually have dialogs and interactions with each other. They will react to the different outcomes of a dynamic event. Skritt busted the Asura gate an NPC was working on? Stick around and you get to be part of the retaliation party. Someone just attacked a lookout post? There might be a messenger afterwards you can escort to deliver that news.

Once you start getting to the meta chain events then you'll see more long term changes to the environment based on whether players failed or succeeded at helping in the area.

NPCs are a part of this world just like you. There isn't any of that staged fighting where 2 mobs will be swinging at each other for hours on end until you jump in. NPCs will go down, and if they were key to the objective, you will then have to revive them.

All in all, when I hear that "questing" in GW2 isn't very different than any other MMO, for those who believe that, please, please, please tell me the existing MMOs that have immersed "quests" this deeply (not as simple check points and experience hubs) to create more of a living breathing world."

Thread posted by poetiq from reddit: click here if you want to read the whole thread. i thought it was a good read and figured i post it here.



  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare

    I'm sorry but most people, myself included, just see what they are asked to do.  We do it and move on.  The fact that everything is tied together is nice but it doesn't change the content of the quests.  I doubt I'll remember much of them when I'm done leveling.


    It would be cool if you could lose an entire zone to the enemy and have to win it back.  But I assume that means failing every single DE and that would probably create a nightmare for people trying to level there with all of the hearts gone.


    I think the GW2 way of questing is better than talking to a whole bunch of NPCs and reading walls of text.  That's all I really need.

  • hikaru77hikaru77 buenos airesPosts: 1,041Member Uncommon
    Been playing 2 days, all i did was fighting centaurs, and doing a copy and paste of the same DE over and over, and there is nothing dynamic on them, if it doesnt change after 25, i just gonna hit 30 and do PvP. But so far is exacly the same quest system than any other mmo before, you just need to run around more. 
  • RexNebularRexNebular BialystokPosts: 259Member

    Nah, it's not very different.

    Just streamlined for the new generation of players, who find reading too boring.

  • ChicagoCubChicagoCub Chicago, ILPosts: 315Member Uncommon
    Killing 10 rats is killing 10 rats.  People aren't looking for a better reason to do it, they are just tired of doing it.
  • YaosYaos Franklin, TNPosts: 153Member Uncommon
    Zones do get taken over, most of Kessex Hill can be taken over by the Centaurs.
  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ChicagoCub
    Killing 10 rats is killing 10 rats.  People aren't looking for a better reason to do it, they are just tired of doing it.

    Then I suggest playing a game where you dont kill stuff? o.O There are a bunch of games where you dont really do that like in harvest moon or ATID and even minecraft!

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